Thursday, October 23, 2008

Website of the Day: Umbrella Today?

In the past couple months I have been caught a handful of times in a rainstorm, all because I either forgot my umbrella at home/work, or decided that the weather looked too nice at that moment to warrant bringing my umbrella with me. Yeah, I check the weather every morning, but the forecast can be so vague sometimes... Also, it doesn't help that I carry half my body weight in my bag, so I try to lighten the load whenever I can. So the first thing that goes everytime would be that "unnecessary" umbrella. Well, Umbrella Today? will tell you if you need your umbrella that day. Just type in your zip code and you get a simple YES or NO. You can also sign up your cell number, and they'll text you on mornings you'll need an umbrella. Pretty accurate. I like waking up to texts, even if it's just one reminding me to take my umbrella around.


Anonymous said...

I play a little game on this blog where I try to guess who wrote it based on the first sentence of the entry. Not even looking at the title - my short-term memory can be really bad if I am deliberate about it.

I don't think I was ever this sure about the author as I was on this first sentence.

Jen Shin said...

Hmm, ok... I don't know, if my first sentence had been "BRITNEY BRITNEY TV BRITNEY" I would've agreed with you. This post? Not so much.

sang said...

I think I know what that person is talking about. I knew it was Jen's post after reading the first sentence. Not because of the topic, but the style of writing.

Well, the website is very simple but you can't ignore the big capital "YES" that pops up. I need to go buy an umbrella today.