Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Changes of The Day

With the temporary departure of Yuri Kim, Life in Boxes will be making some changes. In order to promote equality in the workplace we will be cutting our male workforce by 25 percent. We will also be reducing the amount of Koreans by 33 percent thus increasing the percentages of Latinos by a whopping 8 percent.

Along with the personnel changes, we will also be cutting out the weekend posts and the features. We don't like writing the weekend posts and you don't read them. As far as the feature goes, we didn't want to make other "non" feature posts feel bad. It's political correctness thing.


David said...

Umm... I know what those numbers mean, but your wordings are horribly wrong. "Cutting your male workforce by 25%" translates to firing 1/4 of your guys. You have 2 which means only half of Yuri is leaving.

Reducing the amount of Koreans by 33% is correct, but... you're not adding 8 percent of a Latino person. It should be... "Latinos will now account for an 8% greater share of the workforce."

Just thought you might want to know...

sang said...

Gosh Jorge. DUH! What he said.