Thursday, November 6, 2008

CNN, I Don't Like You As Much Because of Your Election Coverage, but Thanks for All the Fish, kbai

A friend of mine emailed me the following video:

Apparently it's sort of a parody of TI's song, "Whatever You Like" (which I've never heard before, nor am I interested in hearing). What made me post about the video is the fact that it makes me feel absolute.. nothingness. Well, I lied. It made me dislike CNN a bit more.

I can only imagine what sort of innane block of stories CNN was airing, to include such a bit. Sure, this was aired a week or so before election night. Is it pro-Obama or McCain or neither? I can't tell, but the kids who are singing the Obama bit do seem to have more pizazz .. but nonetheless, it doesn't make me feel as proud as I did on election night when Obama was elected FTW, nor does it make me dislike McCain any more or any less.

I'm guess I'm just wondering why this video has over 1 million views, why CNN aired this particular video, and if any of these kids have any idea as to what they are performing about.

I'm glad that the election is over for multiple reasons: seeing a historical event in our nation's history, no longer seeing McCain awkwardly campaign with that beeyotch from Alaska (will she disappear now?), and especially NOT SEEING THOSE WEIRD HOLOGRAM GRAPHICS (really, Will.I.Am?) AND STUPID ELECTION COVERAGE STORIES ON CNN.


Anonymous said...

I would put this under the category of Human Interest. Covers a lot of the fluffier stuff that is on news all the time.

I'm not sure why the issue of "pro-Obama" or "pro-McCain" matters. I don't think it was anyone's intent to be either. Like the song says, you can vote however you like.

I would think the kids learned a bit about the election process during their practicing. Why would anyone assume that they didn't have any idea what they were singing about? I don't think the kids are idiots.

Technological gimmicks during election night coverage? Par for the course. Real-time holograms are pretty right-out-of-the-future-cool, though. It seems like you would have looked at the first broadcast TV images of Felix the Cat in 1928 and thought, STUPID.

I'd love to see more positive-looking liberal stuff. You know, change, hope, and unity.

sang said...

my speakers are pretty bad, I didn't have a clue to what they were singing about until half way in. I thought it was a good bit.