Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Holidays of the Day

Today is Veterans Day - take some time out today to celebrate those who have fought for our country, as well as for those who are still fighting for us today.

As for silly holidays that companies like to make up for the sake of increasing profit .. Happy Pepero Day! That's right, just as Jorge mentioned - it's one of those rare occasions when the ladies have to give their men a little gift. No need for roses or watches for your man - Pepero Day entitles men to a box of the Korean version of the [better tasting] Japanese Pocky.

As for why today is Pepero Day, take a look at the numbers: 11/11 (wow! they look like Pepero sticks!).

According to stats, Lotte makes about 55% of their annual business sales in Peppero on this date - if you don't believe this, go to your local H-Mart and TRY to get a box of Pepero .. it's most likely SOLD OUT.

(Um, is it just me or does the Pepero character looks WRONG?)


sang said...

This post is more informed then Jorge's. lol