Thursday, November 20, 2008

Top Chef Recap: As Cruel As Sore Losers

Last night's episode of Top Chef: New York was pretty intense. I mean, seriously, the producers are really outdoing their selves with the mobile question of the night and all - oh, the drama! Where to begin?

First off, I gotta say that the one person I CANNOT STAND is Carla, with her freakishly long limbs and bugged out eyes. She's got the crazy eyes, and I'm scared.

Um, and Ariane! Ariane, Ariane, Ariane. Please pack up your knives. You better be repeating those words in your head, 'cause dahling, the next chopping block meeting with the judges is going to be the last one. Cry me a river, but how's about you learn how to cook before you come on the show? I was contemplating visiting your restaurant, but after seeing the crapola you've been serving up - no thanks!

Anyway, last night's episode was super intense because New Yorkers are a tough crowd to please. But to be serving your foodies to the rejects that didn't make it to the 18 chosen contestants for the show? H-A-R-S-H. Padma is probably still laughing. Those were not happy campers.

Oh, and for the mobile question of the night: What did you think about Jill's decision to cook with an ostrich egg? Um, duh .. too risky, and no puns ("an egg-cellent choice"), please.


sang said...

Spoiler >_<

David Dust said...

Yeah, getting judged by those BITTER LOSERS was a little bit cruel.

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sang said...

no top chef blog???