Friday, November 21, 2008

Unhappy people watch more TV

The University of Maryland released a study this week, finding that unhappy people watch more TV, while those who consider themselves happy socialize and read and stuff. This study, as interesting it is, makes me unhappy! Only cause this entire article/study sounds like something my mom says to me, all.the.time.

I watch a lot of TV, surprise surprise. I have at least 1 show I watch regularly every day of the week, and my DVR is probably my most favorite thing ever, next to my iPod. It's the first thing I tell people when people ask me what I like to do. Does that make me a loser? Perhaps. I just really like being entertained by my 'stories,' and I get very passionate about storylines and casting and acting and stuff. I don't see anything wrong with that, given that I do like socializing with people, and that I do do (heh heh, doodoo) other things like read (which I am also a big fan of). I also consider myself a pretty happy, decently-adjusted person, so... An hour or two (or thirty) of escapism never hurt anyone. Whatevs, University of Maryland and your fancy study! I, Jen Shin, am a happy TV watcher!


jlc said...
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jlc said...

I read this article!!!

I actually agree with it. I think watching gets boring and can only watch 2 shows per week --- Army Wives and Grey's --- the two most depressing shows out there! Hahah. Perhaps the article has a point?

What happened to all the light hearted stuff? Everything's either overdramatized or reality garbage.

PS LOVE the new background. You guys are turning all professional on me.

jeannine said...

i heard about this in the news and i wondered what you'd say =)

Sang said...

What if you watch T.V. with people? I think T.v. helps you socialize. Shows like The Office has a pretty big impact on people here.