Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Power of Airbrushing

We all know Jessica Alba is a beautiful person. More than one guy I know would count her as their favorite hot celebrity, and she used to be my girl crush during her Dark Angel days (she was a good actress then...). And to prove that the universe does indeed hate the rest of us non-beautiful/non-famous people, these pictures of her for a limited edition Campari calendar were recently released. Hot dang it, this woman had a baby not so long ago. Look how sizzling hot she looks, surrounded by all those equally hot guys. Le sigh. Did I mention, SHE HAD A FREAKIN BABY A COUPLE OF MONTHS AGO?!?

Except... Well, not everything you see is what is real...

So yesterday, these new pictures of Jessica Alba hit the web. Same Campari pictures, yet vastly airbrushed, as you can see from the evidence. Look, she's still hot, 92% more hot than your average woman. But as you can see, she's curvier, thinner, and boobier (yup, that's right, I made up the word) in the airbrushed photo. It just goes to show you that none of the pictures you see in magazines are what people actually look like, not even the hottest of the bunch. This is hardly the first time something like this has happened, last year, there was a huge controversy around country singer Faith Hill's photoshopped cover of Redbook. They turned a 40 year old woman into a 20-something! That's some misleading stuff, and probably why women and young girls in this country, no make that half the world, are so obsessed with things like plastic surgery and Botox and weight loss.

So, on your ugliest of days just remember- not all of us can have makeup artists and computer artists make us look pretty and skinny and perfect all the time. You know, until you become rich and famous anyway.


leo said...


check that out!

Stella Hsu said...

Aww man! My company blocks the links1 :(. The Faith Hill image is shocking!! I recently came back from a low-key wedding reception. During the reception, which had taken place in the house of a relative of the groom, I saw a few of the couple's wedding pictures - - even simple softening techniques and such made the bride 10X more beautiful in photographs (she's pretty in real life too). I so want to take professional photos!

sang said...

I thought this post was written by Yuri, I enjoy your take on the topic.