Friday, January 23, 2009

WTF, American Apparel, WTF?

I heart American Apparel. Yes, they are vastly overpriced for such generic, plain products, and yes, I do feel bad about spending $28 on a white T-shirt that I could've also picked up at K-Mart for 7 times less (I only did it once, so stop judging!). And, even though their print ads border on pornographic sometimes and their window displays leave a lot to be desired (I'm sorry, but gold lamé leggings will NEVER go with a deep purple sweatshirt. Scratch that, gold lamé leggings will never go with anything.), I still like their stuff. And I'm not the only one apparently, because American Apparel was one of the very few companies that managed to post a gain in sales last year, compared to the double digit slips of its competitors.

But that's really not what I want to discuss here. I want to discuss WTF American Apparel is doing, bringing back these:

OMG. I don't mind 80s fashion, I really don't. But I have to draw the line at the god-awful thing that is the scrunchie. I hated wearing them when I was a kid, and I tried making them less awful by owning the brightly colored ones. Yeah, as you can see from this picture, cute color or not, nothing can save a scrunchie. What a bargain, at $3.50. Kids, you know what you can do with $3.50? Go get yourself a tall Starbucks latte, or a box of cereal (I recommend Kashi Honey Sunshine), or a plain white, non-American Apparel t-shirt, a gallon of gas, a magazine... All things that will make you infinitely cooler than walking around sporting a scrunchie. UGH.


Julia Park said...

Scrunchies?? Are they serious? -_-
So many..bad..memories. Why would you want a scrunchie, if you could just have a simple hair tie? Scrunchies feel so much heavier, too ..

Vicki said...

Vent it, JenShin. Vent it.

sang said...

Really? No one likes the Scrunchie? Shocking.