Thursday, February 26, 2009

C-c-check It Out: Daily Plate

Sure, it doesn't feel like winter is going to be passing by any time soon. But rather than continuing through hibernation mode (staying indoors, eating like a fattycakes), why not get a head-start in getting back into shape?

Check out The Daily Plate. It helps you keep track of what you eat, and helps you find the ideal calorie consumption per day for yourself, depending on your current weight, height, age, etc.

I've been on it for a few days, as have fellow LiB editors Jorge and Jen. The way I see it (get ready for a nerdy analogy), it's like playing a RPG game .. but it's real life! You have your food ration points, and the benefits?? Your health!

But seriously, I highly recommend people to check it out. And for you iPhone users, you can download the free app to help you keep track of what you eat via iPhone.