Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I <3 Lily Allen

I normally don't like my celebrities to be opinionated and speak a lot. I tend to like people for their work or their looks, and I usually like keeping it that way, without needing to know what they're thinking. But, I'm kinda fascinated by the things that come out of British pop star Lily Allen's mouth sometimes. She's crass, she's rude, she's vulnerable, she's honest. And I love that. However, I wouldn't be loving Lily if she was talentless and useless. That, she is not. I fell in love with her debut album, Alright, Still when it was first released in 2006. Playful, pop-y beats mixed with her sweet voice, mixed with her cutting lyrics- GOLD.

Earlier this month, Lily released her long awaited sophomore album, titled It's Not Me, It's You. If you liked her first album, the second is more of the sound that put her on the map. I think she's one of the most ingenius lyricists out there. Like I mentioned above, it's so jarring to hear this sweet voiced girl singing something like... "F**k you very much/Cause we hate/What you do/And we hate/Your whole crew" all set to a melody you'd be humming to your babies. Oh, btw. The song is not about some ex-lover of hers, it's about George Bush. So yeah, dysfunctional men, politics, religion, take your pick. Lily Allen has something to say about all of the above.

My FAVORITE song off the album is the sweet I Could Say which I play on repeat a lot. This song was leaked on her MySpace page months ago, to give fans a preview of the new album.

I Could Say - Lily Allen

Her current single off the album, The Fear, is a radio friendly song, much more so than the songs off her last album. It's about the craziness of her newfound fame and fortune, and it's kinda fun to hear about her self-reflection of living in the public eye.

The Fear - Lily Allen

And for some old school Lily, her most famous song- Smile.

Smile - Lily Allen

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