Monday, March 2, 2009

Racist or Not Racist

Racist or Not!?

Dubai Denies Visa to Israeli Tennis Player
- Yahoo Sports
In protest of the fighting between Israel and Palestine, the United Arab Emirates denied Shahar Peer an opportunity to play at an official WTA tournament.

Ruling: Stupidly Racist
If Shahara Peer was actually launching rockets into Palestine on her time off, I can see how this would be fair. What does this accomplish? Win the war against Israel one banned athlete at a time? Luckily, the UAE realized it's stupidity and allowed Andy Ram, another native of Israel, to play in a man's double tournament.

New York Post Cartoon Compares Stimulus Author to Dead Primate- Huffington Post
Cartoonist, Sean Delonas, drew the following cartoon. Not much else needs to be said.

Ruling: Not Racist, Although Stupid Let me explain. I don't think Sean Delonas was comparing Barack Obama to a monkey in the physical sense but rather showing what he thought of the people who designed the stimulus package. That said, you had to see this coming, Mr. Delonas.

Old Disney Cartoons-
Jafar, the bad guy, looks a whole lot more "ethnic" than the white-washed good guy, Aladdin. A black crow named Jim Crow. Mickey Mouse trying to "educate/tame" an African boy named Thursday.

Ruling: Ignorantly Racist
This is like some older people, the ones who are steadfastly against slavery but don't mind segregation all that much. I gotta give Disney a little break. They've made so many cartoons for so long, some of them were bound to be racist. Think about how many racist cartoons we can find from the 1940s.


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