Monday, May 11, 2009

Justin Timberlake on SNL

I don't love Justin Timberlake. Yes, I've been to his Sexyback tour (it was really good), and yes I own a song or two or eight of his. But eh, whatever. The kid, however, is funny. And he should host SNL every week. I like the fact that he isn't afraid to make fun of himself or look silly, which is what all SNL hosts should be. This past weekend was his 3rd time hosting the show, though it is his 4th appearance on the show since the season started (enough with the cameos, JT!). It was hilarious. From the "Bring it on into Plastic-ville" skit (gotta love the Lady Gaga parody- "Mediocre Face") to the Cornelius Timberlake sketch where he basically admits he and Britney were doing the nasty even when they had denied it ("Publicly, they'll claim to be virgins, but privately....he hit it."), it was just funny stuff. And of course, the sketch everyone is talking about this morning, "Motherlover" (aka, D**k in a Box part 2). How can you not love it, esp since it stars Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson?? Well done, JT.

Videos beyond the jump.

Surgery Center

Immigrant Tale

Digital Short: Motherlover