Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Britney Spears back on tour!

If I were to... say, have gone to 2 Britney Spears concerts this year, would that make me a crazy superfan? Would you be embarrassed to know me? Hmm. Do I really care at this point? Not really.

This morning's BREAKING NEWS (yes, this is what I consider important news) is that Britney is coming back to North America in August after she finishes her tour in Europe. While I worry that she is burning out, having been on tour for 6 months, I kinda am selfish and want more. (Gimme, gimme, more!!) And seeing how she's booked for 2 nights at Madison Sq. Garden, I can probably add one of those nights to my list of to-dos for the summer. Britney, pat yourself on the back for being the highest grossing tour of 09 so far!

Here are the tour dates, the tickets go on sale next Friday the 19th! YESS.


Vicki said...

what the heck?! why is she coming back?