Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Most Useful Site EVER: Run Pee

You know what annoying about going to see a movie? The fact that movies are super epic. I mean, yeah, not as epic as Titanic, with its whopping running time of 3 hours, but you've got to admit, movies are soo effing long.

But of course, with that said, as a movie lover (yes, I will dish out the freaking $12+ to see a new movie), I HAVE TO watch every.single.minute. Which means .. my bladder dies.

Fear not, though! Run Pee is this awesome site that pretty much lets you know at what point in a movie is an optimal time to get up and use the bathroom. They have a huge selection of movies for you to take a gander at, including ones that are currently out in theaters.

And don't worry, it's pretty much spoiler-free (you can unscramble a text summary of a movie scene you might miss, if you take more than 4 minutes for a designated bathroom run).