Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Movie News Roundup!

Here are some interesting movie tidbits making the news today.

* Updated Hamlet to be helmed by Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke
I love Hamlet, it's my favorite Shakespeare play (Ophelia is one of my favorite fictional characters), I looove Emile Hirsch (watch Into the Woods if you haven't already. NOW.). I kinda hate Catherine Hardwicke. She ruined Twilight by making it look like an amateur film school experiment, and she acts like she's 16-- "oh my god you guys, thank you so much, this is so cool, woohooo!" So I don't know how I feel about this adaptation. I loooove Hamlet. I haaaate Catherine.

* A Weeklong Twilight Cruise
You know I'm a huge fan of Twilight, but I will draw the line at spending a week with fellow CRAZY Twilight fans. On a boat. In the middle of the ocean. This just seems like a terrible idea. I wouldn't be on this cruise even if Robert Pattinson was going to be there. Actually scratch that, who am I kidding, you know I'd be like purchasing my ticket as we speak if he were to be on that ship. A weeklong cruise with RPattz?? Dream.come.true. So what if I'll have to fend off a thousand other girls? Bring it.

* Where's Waldo: The Movie.
Speaking of terrible ideas. Um, what?? How will this even work? Terrible.

* Thirst comes to the States
Park Chan Wook's Oldboy is one of my favorite movies ever. So original, such great cinematograpgy. I'm just a huge fan in general. His latest is a vampire thriller called Thirst (the movie for the provocative poster on the left), and it recently competed and screened at the Cannes Film Festival. Well, the good news is that it was well received, and the better news is that Focus Films picked it up to distribute in the States. July 31st, mark your calendars. Here is the trailer- sorry it's not subbed.