Friday, June 19, 2009

Stalking R.Pattz

Ok you crazy fans, enough is enough, and you have got to stop. I too, am super excited that my future husband Robert Pattinson is in NYC shooting a movie. And I keep track of where he is filming and what he is doing, though this little thing called being-at-work prevents me from running over to where he is at any given moment. But seriously? He freakin got hit by a car running away from us crazy fans!! Ok, grazed, but whatever.

Listen, I know it's super exciting to have him out and about in the city. But let's just make something very clear, he's here to work. Don't interfere with that, or no producer is going to want to hire him in the future, as HOT and TALENTED as he is. Is that what you want for him??

And Robert, just remember, this whole Beatles-esque mania thing is temporary. I think you seem to have a good head on your shoulders, so I'm sure you know this already, but your insane fame has a shelf life. In 3 years (give or take) you will still be hot and hot, but you won't be mobbed. Cause as intense as this is, there's always a new RPattz waiting in the wings for his 15 minutes. So just tough it out, laugh about it like you have been doing, take things in stride, and of course, remain HOT.


Leo said...

I see what Dr. Phil is trying to do, there.