Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Disney Princesses, Marvel-ized

Last month Disney announced that it bought Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion, causing somewhat of a stir in the entertainment business. I mean, $4 billion is A LOT of money, recession or not. But not only that, a lot of folks wondered if Marvel properties would be getting the Disney treatment, with Disney stepping in and "ruining" the beloved comic book heroes. Only time will tell just what Disney will do with its new purchase, but in the meantime, an illustrator named Jeffrey Thomas reimagined some of Disney's most noted characters as what they might look like if they were to receive the Marvel treatment. The results are dark, creepy, and ingenious. Amazing! He did this way before the deal even happened, but it's so interesting to see what our lovely Disney princess heroines look like when they are gritty, grim, and gangsta. (holla alliteration!) Check out these incredible drawings, and peruse through the rest of his artwork at his blog here.