Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Top Wikipedia Articles

My two best friends at work are Google and Wikipedia. Such a wealth of information lies at your fingertips, whether I'm using it for actual work (20% of the time) or to fulfill my personal inquiries (80% of the time). Honestly, this is my favorite article on Wiki: pet skunks. They like to be talked to! How freakin cute!!!!

Anyways, Wiki recently released their 50 most viewed articles of 2009, and the results are somewhat predictable, but also interesting. The Beatles still remain a pop culture force to be reckoned with, coming in at #2 with over 111,000 hits a day, and Micheal Jackson, another cultural icon was #3 with over 70,000 hits per day. The rest of the 50 pretty much sums up trendy topics of this last year- Slumdog Millionaire (#15), Swine Flu (#29), Megan Fox (#31), Robert Pattinson (#41- I probably contributed a lot to this one...). But I LOOOOVE the fact that people are still looking up Adolf Hitler (#17), Sex (#21), and my favorite on the list: Vagina (#36). Hahaha!