Thursday, September 10, 2009

US Open 2009: Hell Yeah!

I'm going through US Open withdrawal already. Sure, it's not over yet .. but there really is a big difference in seeing it on tv and being in the stadium. Being at a game is an interesting/awesome feeling. Hearing a crowd's collective sigh of relief and screams of joy is really contagious.

Anyway, here's my recap of my US Open experience for this year (warning, kind of lengthy with crappy iPhone photos):

I went to the day session on Labor Day, which enabled me to see the Robin Soderling vs Nikolay Davydenko, catch the end of the epic Melanie Oudin vs Nadia Petrova, and of course, see my tennis crush Roger Federer beat out Tommy Robredo.

The Soderling vs. Davydenko match seemed to be even, mind you, Davydenko had a thigh injury, which later forced him to retire the match. And sadly, I was able to catch only the last winning point for the Oudin vs Petrova match, but freaking-A, the energy in Arthur Ashe Stadium was tremendous when Oudin won O_O And I was happy to see Federer (in red!) vs Robredo .. but the game wasn't exciting to see.

Yesterday was my 2nd and last US Open session (insert sadface), which was for the night session. The stadium was PACKED, and by the time I got to my seat, the Oudin vs Wozniacki match was already in play. Unfortunately, Oudin was beat, but Wozniacki did her best to humble it up, even though her court-side interviewer was being a total douche bag.

The Federer vs Soderling game started off slow .. but boy, did it pick up. I went from being disappointed that Federer would have yet another easy win .. to seeing a pretty great match. Tie-breakers are nail-biters, fosho, but I was glad to see Federer triumph end the end. Yes, he always seems to win, but there's no denying that he can play some tennis. And he was looking mighty fine, decked out in all black :D

As for celebrity sightings, there were actually quite a few over the two days that I went. Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban were spotted at the Federer vs Robredo match, as was Gavin Rossdale. At the Oudin vs Wozniacki game, it was awesome to see Alec Baldwin showing his support. And the Federer vs Soderling match had the likes of Kate Hudson, Anna Wintour, and yet again, Gavin Rossdale. Oh, and some Jets football dude.

Overall, my US Open experience for this year was pretty positive. I got to see my tennis crush Federer play on both days, and caught some pretty solid games. Totally got sunburnt during the day session, and was thankful that my friend told me to bring a hoodie to the night session (it was freezing!).

Sure, the Federer vs Soderling match was nothing like the Nadal vs Monfils game from the previous night, but at least security was tight and Federer didn't get attacked by a enamored fan like Nadal did. No idea what I am talking about? Check out the hilarious clip:

Here's to an awesome end to the US Open (finals will be on this coming Sunday!), and another year till I get to go again!


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