Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Titanic Exhibition

I'm a bit obsessed with the Titanic. There's just something about the large-scale tragedy, and I love reading about it, I love watching the Leo DiCaprio movie, I just am kinda obsessed with it. I kinda thought I was strange for being so into something that is so.. tragic, but I recently found out that a lot of my girlfriends are equally obsessed.

Which is why a group of us went to the Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition at the Discovery Center in Times Square. The exhibition is SO worth the admission price. Tons of artifacts pulled from the sunken Titanic, recreation of the ship's interior (including the Grand Staircase), discovering details from every aspect of the ship (did you guys know there was a deck called the Poop Deck?? Yeah, I giggled at this). My favorite part was the boarding pass they give you when you enter the exhibition, which belongs to a real life person who was on the Titanic. You go through the exhibition and at the end you look up if your person had survived or not. I lived.

GO check it out. When buying online, enter "CITY09" to get $4 off your ticket.