Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Movies!

I have a pretty extensive DVD collection, but I just recently realized that for the most part, I don't sit at home rewatching my DVDs over and over again (there is way too much new TV to be watched sitting in my DVR). Which I guess makes my DVD collection a giant waste of money, but whatever, I do like having my favorite movies around whenever I get the urge to rewatch.

The point of this seemingly pointless post is, I especially have a couple of go-to holiday movies that I have to watch around this week of Christmas, a personal Christmas tradition of mine. I bring this up cause I just rewatched Elf this past weekend and enjoyed it soooo much!! ("Smiling's my favorite!") I know most people go for the usual, Christmas Story (I've never seen it, actually)/Miracle on 34th St/It's a Wonderful Life, but I like to go for what I call the new holiday classics: Elf and Love Actually with a dash of The Holiday thrown in (I'm not a huge fan, but Jude Law is kinda beautiful in the movie).

What is everyone else's favorite Christmas movies??

And, here is my favorite cover of All I want For Christmas is You, courtesy of Love Actually.


Julia Park said...

It's A Wonderful Life, Home Alone 1 or 2, as well as Elf and Love Actually.

And as horrible as it is, if Jingle All the Way is playing on tv, you can bet that I will be watching it :x