Friday, March 5, 2010

2010 Academy Award Predictions!

My Super Bowl, the Oscars, are on this Sunday! Who else is so so excited! Unfortunately this will be the first year I don't get to watch the telecast live, but I've got my predictions, ballot, and DVR all fired up and ready to go nonetheless! If you are into this stuff as much as I am, or need suggestions to win your office pool, or just want to read what I think will go down on Sun night, read on (my predicted winners are in bold).

Best Supporting Actor & Best Supporting Actress
These two categories are the most boring of the night, just cause the winners are pretty much locked. From the beginning of the awards season, Christopher Waltz (Inglorious Basterds) and Monique (Precious) have pretty much dominated, and so they are gonna walk away with the coveted awards. There is a slight chance someone other than Waltz will win Supporting Actor (maybe Stanley Tucci or Woody Harrelson), but Monique is a definite. The other ladies should just be thankful to be nominated, cause there is no chance any of them are taking home the Oscar this year.

Best Adapted Screenplay/Best Original Screenplay
For the Adapted Screenplay, I'm gonna go with Up in the Air. The movie had reallly good buzz towards the beginning of the season, but lost its steam in the midst of the whole Avatar/Hurt Locker buzz that started taking over. The Academy will reward the movie in this category. As for Original Screenplay, I'm thinking its a battle between The Hurt Locker and Inglorious Basterds, but I'm gonna go with the latter because The Hurt Locker will win bigger awards. But you never know, the warm crowd pleaser Up might sneak in enough votes to steal the prize.

Best Actor & Best Actress
Jeff Bridges also pretty much has the Best Actor on a lockdown, but I'm secretly hoping Colin Firth (who is just so dreamy) steals it. Even though Colin just won a BAFTA a couple of weeks ago (the British Oscars), I still think Bridges will win. The Best Actress category is my favorite one this year, because there is no clear winner. Sandra Bullock has pretty much won everything leading up to this, and while that may seem like she is going to win, her role in The Blind Side isn't usually what garners a Best Actress win. So while the awards season has been good to her, she might likely lose to seasoned veteran Meryl Streep, or newcomer Carey Mulligan. I really hope Bullock wins and I'm gonna say she will, but I will so not be surprised if she goes home empty handed Sunday night.

Best Director
This comes down to the battle of the exes-- Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker) used to be married to James Cameron (Avatar), and now they are the frontrunners for this coveted award. History will be made if Bigelow wins; she will be the first female winner ever, which is kinda sad, no? Come on Academy! Or, come on, female directors! =P I think she will win. Unless...

Best Picture
Now, I'm pretty sure The Hurt Locker is going to win. Avatar may be the bigger movie, but out of the 10 Best Picture nominees, no other movie had as much critical praise behind it as the Hurt Locker. But like I said, Avatar is the bigger movie, in all senses of the word. Critics may not have been super impressed with its storyline and dialogue, but you can't overlook how well the movie turned out. Now, if Kathryn wins Best Director for The Hurt Locker, the Academy might reward James Cameron with a Best Picture win. And vice versa- Cameron for Director, the Hurt Locker for Best Picture. But. I honestly think, the night is gonna belong to The Hurt Locker, for both Best Picture and Director.