Monday, October 8, 2007

A Little Word of Welcome.

Hello. If you are reading this, you are in for something that will rock your world. Lifeinboxes will be your resource for all things entertaining, biting, informative, and f-ing awesome.

We are a group of friends who have spent a good part of our lives in a little square mile (a box, get it??) town called Palisades Park, whether it was surviving one of the worst ranked school systems in the state of New Jersey, or leaving to live out of the county/country/state and coming back for more. We are former students, bums, working “professionals”, and/or whatever else you want to label us as, or box us in as.

The name of our blog is pretty self-explanatory. Lifeinboxes basically means that we're all young and living lives of transitions. For us specifically, that means we're adjusting to post-college life in various ways, and trying to navigate the real world that has been thrust upon us. Some of us are literally living out of boxes, with all of our college baggage still packed up and in various states of unpacked-ness. But whether you fit into our 18-24 demographic or not, you are most likely living in a box (town, city, house, office cubicle, so forth), being pigeonholed in a box (check one: male/female, white/black/asian/hispanic), itching to break out of a box, wanting to think outside the box, or simply enjoying your lifeinboxes.

The purpose of our little blog is to write about the things that interest us and are relevant to us, and therefore, to you. Hopefully. We all come from varied walks of life (so, never mind the fact that 75% of the writers on this blog are Korean American, ok??), have different experiences, and have diverse feelings when it comes to things that matter and don't matter. Should make for an entertaining, or in the very least, a readable, blog, right? Check back often for regularly updated entries of shrewd observations, insightful reviews, and hi-larious commentary on everyday life. Riveting stuff, folks. Lifeinboxes. It's where you want to be.