Friday, February 29, 2008

ABC to offer shows on-demand

ABC to offer shows on-demand

A testament to where television is heading, ABC announced on Monday that they will start offering their hit shows like Lost and Desperate Housewives over video-on-demand cable services for free through participating cable companies. Viewers will just have to sit through 2-5 minutes of commercials (which you can't fast forward through), but compared to the 17 or more minutes of ads for an hourlong program on regular live airings, it's a pretty good deal.

This is exciting because as anyone who has HBO/Cinemax/Showtime/premium channels knows, being able to watch a show/movie/program anytime you want is pretty darn awesome. With the advent of DVRs, networks are struggling to find ways to sell ad space where viewers will actually sit through commercials instead of fast forwarding through them. This seems like a winning solution for both the advertisers and the network, as well as for TV fans, who can now watch shows on their own schedule without having to worry about recording or catching an airing. No word on when this will go into effect or what shows they'll offer on-demand, but hopefully all the other networks will follow suit as well. The media landscape is rapidly changing, folks, and we're along for the ride.


Anonymous said...

seriously, I'm glad the tv execs are finally getting their acts together and thinking about the consumers..