Friday, February 29, 2008

Spotlight: Tina Fey

With the writers' strike over, I was delighted to hear that for the very first week back on-air, Saturday Night Live was to be hosted by none other than Tina Fey! Of course, I made immediate plans to go see SNL .. well, live .. but due to prior commitments, I was unable to go; however, thanks to living in the wonderful age of the Internetz, I was able to see Ms. Fey's hosting skillz0rs.

Known as the first female head writer for Saturday Night Live from 1999 until her departure in 2005, Tina Fey is a "jack of all trades" type; an Emmy/Golden Globe/SAG winning writer/comedian/actress, she currently co-produces/writes/stars in the multiple award winning tv series 30 Rock. That's a whole lot to say for this little lady from Upper Darby, Pennsylvania.

What makes Tina Fey so awesome, you ask? Well, first off, if you ask any female you know (with a decent sense of humor), she'll probably admit to having a slight woman-crush on Tina Fey. She's smart, funny, and is a pretty damn good writer. For all the fellas out there: remember when you first realized how hawt Lindsay Lohan was in Mean Girls? Yup, you could thank Tina Fey for that - she wrote the script for it. Sure, Lindsay Lohan was nice to look at throughout the movie, but if the script hadn't been good, you would have spent most of the time wishing for the movie to end. Also, Tina Fey isn't so bad on the eyes either. Even Maxim realized this, after putting her on their "TV's Least Appealing Ladies" list; after realizing how dumb they really are, they placed her in another one of their [stupid] lists, "5 Women We're Not Supposed To Want (But Do)." Hm .. seems like Maxim is admitting to being wrong a lot these days, no?

And let's not get started with 30 Rock. If you've read my past post on 7 Reasons Why You Should Watch Season One of 30 Rock, you'll know how much I adore the show. Quirky characters, quotable lines, unnoticeable dirty jokes .. this show has got it all. And it really makes you appreciate Tina Fey, as it is based loosely around her hectic life when she worked as head writer for a sketch comedy show (you guess it), SNL.

Tina Fey is the new, kick-ass kind of woman that women everywhere should be looking up to. She's smart, funny, and that all sort of makes her hawt in a way, that even most guys are confused about feeling some sort of attraction to her.

Tina Fey - Bitch Is the New Black (SNL)

Tina Fey - American Express Commercial


Mike said...

she's wonderful..i love her

Jen said...

michael scott loves her too! :)

solo said...

she's from upper darby? i used to live there

Will said...

I've loved Tina Fey ever since she did weekend update with Jimmy Fallon! Woot!