Thursday, February 28, 2008

Music: Jimmy Eat World - Chase This Light

Album: Chase This Light

Artist: Jimmy Eat World

Release Date: October 16, 2007

Genre: Alternative Rock, Pop Rock

Formed in Mesa, Arizona in 1993, Jimmy Eat World's beginning was a humble one. With modest attention from the indie scene (even though they were major label "sell-outs," signed on with Capitol Records), they were set on the side while their label focused on more important artists. Not to be discouraged, Jimmy Eat World negotiated with Capitol to release a self-titled EP with indie label Fueled By Ramen. In hopes of airplay and exposure, they sent out their EP to several radio stations, only to get on regular rotation. Finally recognizing the band's potential, Capitol immediately set out for the band's full album release. Since then, they've been the little band that could: dropped from Capitol in 2001 and continually trying to find their place. Yes, they've come a long way from Arizona.

Chase This Light is Jimmy Eat World's sixth album, and was self-produced with help from various top producers in the market. However, even with big names and finally making an album the way they could, Chase This Light seems to fall flat. Yes, their first single "Big Casino" is catchy .. but Jimmy Eat World fans can't help but to wonder what happened to their beloved punk-rock roots. Their same titled track, "Chase This Light" relies on too many "Oh's" and it's hard to imagine how these now grown men went about writing such lyrics for what seems like a page out of a teenage boy's journal. The seemingly autobiographical lyrics reek of emo and not enough rock. Relying on catchy choruses and autobiographical emo-ness, the album sounds very repetitive and it's hard to determine where a track ends and when a new track starts.

Personally, I loved Clarity, Bleed American, and Futures; those were great albums, and I still play singles off of them to this day. But after waiting so patiently for their sixth album, I can't help but to feel put-off by Jimmy Eat World. Maybe next time, Jimmy Eat World, but not this.

Recommended Tracks: Carry You, Big Casino

Grade: D


Mike said...

it's not so bad .. are you trying to tell me something?

Anonymous said...

horrible album

Jen said...

i can't believe they're already on their 6th album! i used to love love that one song- the middle.

that's probably their most radio-friendly hit, right?