Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kosomi Trivia Challenge

Since most of the kids had half a day today and were done with their homework by the time I got there, I decided to buy a box of Kosomi and play trivia games with them. Yes, I still get paid for doing this. The following are some of the choice question/answers from the game.

Who hit the longest home run in Major League Baseball history?
-"Michael Jackson."
Me: "Not even close."
-"Oh, Michael Jordan!"
Me: "Oh boy"

What country is Christopher Columbus from?

Who was the only actor to win two Oscars for Best Actor in the 1990s?
-"Is it a male?"
Me: "Yes."
-"Elvis Presley?"

Complete the line. Life is like a box of chocolate...
-"...if you eat too much, you get fat."

PS: Kosomi is a deliciously simple Korean cracker loaded with sugar.


Jessie said...

Haha That's awesome... The mexico part lol

Anonymous said...

Kosomi is indeed a delicious snack LOADED with sugar. yum.

songhyunah said...

Keep in mind the kids from Pal Park think "Guatamalians" come from "Guatamalia" and that first one about Michael Jackson is FANTASTIC