Thursday, March 13, 2008

America's Best Dance Crew

I love dance based reality shows. Except for Dancing with the Stars, which I oddly cannot get into, despite it being the biggest dance show of them all. I wait for May every year for FOX's So You Think You Can Dance (mark your calendars, Season 4 premieres on May 22). To tide me over, MTV is currently airing their own (not as good) version, called Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew. It's different from the FOX version, in the sense that it features and highlights dance crews from all over the country, and not individual dancers.

The premise is pretty much the same though, you have your host- Mario Lopez (yes, he is the first person I would've thought to host a dance show too), 3 judges: Shane Sparks (a choreographer who also judges on SYTYCD), Lil Mama (I don't really understand how singing about your lip gloss qualifies you to be a 'hip-hop queen' but whatever), and JC Chasez (former N'SYNCer, the Simon Cowell of the group), a weekly elimination, and cool performances.

We're down to 4 groups as of this week: Kabba Modern from the West Coast (my FAVORITE), JabbaWockeeZ from the West Coast, Status Quo from the East Coast, and BreakSk8 from the MidWest. Like I said, the show's really not as good as SYTYCD, but it'll do for now, and there's something really appealing and beautiful about teamwork dancing. MTV, Thursdays, 10PM. Some performances, after the jump.

Kabba Modern - Thriller remix

JabbaWockeeZ - Ice Box

BreakSk8 - Beat It remix


Julia Park said...

What's with all these dancing shows? I was watching Top Chef last night, and saw a million commercials for their new reality competition dance show, hosted by Elizabeth Berkley. At least washed-up tv stars are getting gigs .. Ian Ziering (90210) is hosting that Lifetime dance show, Your Momma Don't Dance ..

les said...

as you know...i despiiiise mario lopez as the host of this show. i thought the worst moment was when he was doing the soulja boy dance while intro-ing status quo...and then he did the thriller dance while intro-ing kaba modern. to add insult to injury, he promoted himself "starring" on broadway last night ::shakes head::