Thursday, March 20, 2008

For Great Justice ..

Join 10,000+ people at Union Square this Saturday, March 22nd for the ultimate event.

For great justice .. PILLOW FIGHT!

That's right. The third annual "Pillow Fight NYC 2008" will be this Saturday. Grab your pillows and make it out to Union Square by 3PM (the event is set to last for about an hour).

Costumes are encouraged!

And if you're in different parts of the globe, have no fear of being left out: this year's event will coincide with other cities world-wide, making March 22nd THE International Pillow Fight Day.

If whacking strangers with a soft pillow isn't up your alley, bring your friends and show them what you really think of them. I made sure to invite all of my friends ;x


Mike said...

heck yeaa

Anonymous said...

Isn't it suppose to snow tomorrow??

Anonymous said...

only in the morning

Anonymous said...

I would go, but I place my head on a block of granite during my nighttime slumber.

Did not go over all that well last year. Not well at all.

Jannie said...

Did you actually go to this event? That's Great!