Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Interest Rate Cuts and Stuff

The Fed is about to cut interest rates. Again. This move will hopefully motivate businesses to borrow more and expand, creating more jobs and stimulating investment in the nation. Unfortunately, higher interest rates also means the dollar loses value. (Paris and Gas will get a little more expensive.) While the plummeting dollar is something to be concerned about, in reality it is helping out the manufacturing industry and helping to prevent further economic woes.

To Recap:
interest rates down= jobs up, dollar down

dollar down= exports up, oil up

oil up= YARGHHHH!!!!

Now that I've bored you with actual news, here's a list of the most expensive divorces!!


Jen Shin said...

I expect to be on that list when we (amicably, of course) divorce, Jorge! I'm not settling for anything less than $86 mil.

Eddie said...

You advertise your blog enteries during poker night and this is the best post you can come up with?!~

I request the next post from you to be about how the yankees will kick the Boston crapSOX's ass throughout the season. thnx~!