Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Let Crest Clean Your Teeth For You... Hopefully

Just last Friday, I posted about how Crest Pro-Health Care Mouthwash were making some people's teeth brown.

Well according to somebody who emailed the Consumerist (a great blog, btw), Crest paid for their teeth whitening!

There isn't much more detail, but if you happen to have potty-mouth due to their crappy mouthwash, try to email them, or call them (1-800-285-9139) to get a free teeth shining.


Jane said...

I once read about a guy who found something wrong with his car and wrote to the company, and VW sent him a brand new one. Extreme, yes, but most companies will fight to keep you as a consumer, so it never hurts to reach out and see what happens.

jammaman said...

CPC is incredible for killing the bacteria in your mouth. Alcohol Free mouthwash it is and better for you that cancer causing Alcohol and benzine laced mouthwashes. The reason some people's teeth turn brown is because it kills the germs on your teeth(some embedded) which die and turn brown. But here is the real kicking: You need to use this wash for 30 seconds before you brush your teeth with the Crest Pro-Health toothpaste so you brush away the killed bacteria. Don't use the wash after brushing. Crest needs to change the directions on the label.