Thursday, March 6, 2008

Shecky's Girls Night Out

Considered to be THE event that every female must go to, Shecky's Girls Night Out was a bit of a disappointment for me. The event itself was a bit lame; imagine a sea of 30+ year olds fighting over vintage dresses, sparkly jewelry, and a chance to flirt with the [only male] sales rep from a botox booth. Sprinkled throughout were bars with free drinks ... but it would literally cost you an arm and a leg to fight through the line of women who were already sloshing away on their third or fourth drink. As I trucked along through the 3 floors of clothes, jewelry, beauty products, and occassional eye-catching free chocolate samples and Nintendo DS lounge (how random is that?), I wondered if all of Shecky's events were like this or if I was just at the wrong event on the wrong night. And would the coveted Shecky's goodie bag be all its worth?

Since it was my very first Shecky's event, I guess I shouldn't be too quick to judge. The event boasts of shopping from local vendors, with sales from anywhere 20% - 70% off .. but it doesn't mean things are exactly affordable. Friends who have gone to past Shecky's events have raved about how much of a good time they had, or what cool samples and gifts they got in their goodie bags. A co-worker recommended that I go on the very last day of the event, but obviously, those tickets sold out like hotcakes. Left with no choice but to go on a Tuesday night, I now realize why those Friday tickets were gone in a second. Lesson learned.

The idea of getting a goodie bag was awesome (though the contents inside this particular night's bag wasn't too great). Here's a look inside my bag:
-Redken traveling tote / electric wax 11 (medium control)
-Rusk Being Sexy Hairspray
-Salon Selectives apple-shaped hair pins / hair freshner
-Colgate MaxFresh Spearmint burst toothpaste
-Glytone Body lipo-lift serum
-Einstein Lip Therapy hydrating lip cream / cooling lip relief
-Shavemate Diva
-Hawaiian Tropic Island Glow daily moisturizer
-Couvrance compact foundation cream
-o.b. pro comfort tampons
-Ahava mineral foot cream
-Eboost orange-flavored daily health booster
-Epil-Step neutralizing afterwash
-Platinum music pass

Unfortunately, this Shecky's goodie bag didn't even have any sort of media (they usually give out some sort of book/literature) or even underwear :(

All in all, I guess I would go to another Shecky's event before passing my final judgment against it. The site is already selling tickets for the summer Shecky's Girls Night Out with a "new" tote for the goodie bag. Perhaps that might be a winner..?


Anna said...

ooohh sooo lucky! let's go to the summer one!

Jen said...

i want to go to the summer one tooo!