Friday, March 28, 2008

Sports Recap: Crystal Baseball

It's opening day weekend in baseball. Let me help you relate how I feel. Shoppers, like if Coach had a "Buy 1 Bag, Get 5 Free" sale. Fatties, imagine McDonalds had an "All You Can Eat" buffet. Television viewers, this as though writers went on strike for a couple of months and finally came back to provide you with your TV show addiction. (Wa wa wa....)

In honor of my favorite weekend of the year I've decided to look into the future to predict the results of the upcoming season. My proudest predictions so far have been Golden State beating Dallas in the first round last year, A-Rod resigning with the Yanks, and the Visa IPO flop. That being said my NCAA bracket is a mess. (DAMN YOU G'TOWN!)

AL East
1. New York (AL) 95-67
2. Boston 93-69
3. Toronto 86-76
4. Tampa Bay 75-87
5. Baltimore 63-99

AL Central

1. Detroit 93-69
2. Cleveland 92-70

3. Chicago (AL) 84-78
4. Minnesota 77-85
5. Kansas City 74-88

AL West

1. Seattle 89-73

2. Los Angeles (AL) 89-73
3. Texas 81-81

4. Oakland 69-93

NL East
1. New York (NL) 94-68
2. Philadelphia 88-74
3. Atlanta 85-77
4. Florida 72-90
5. Washington 72-90

NL Central
1. Chicago (NL) 89-73
2. Milwaukee 86-76
3. Cincinnati 84-78
4. St. Louis 73-89
5. Houston 73-89
6. Pittsburgh 66-96

NL West

1. Arizona 90-72
2. San Diego 88-74
3. Los Angeles (NL) 84-78

4. Colorado 81-81

5. San Francisco 62-100

AL Wild Card - Boston
NL Wild Card - San Diego

New York (AL) Over Seattle in 4
Detroit Over Boston in 5


New York (NL) Over San Diego in 5

Arizona Over Chicago in 3

New York (AL) over Detroit in 7 New York (NL) Over Arizona in 7

World Series
New York (AL) over New York (NL) in 6

The Diamondbacks vs the Mets would be fun to watch and could go either way! Ulitmately, homer pick? Yes. Let's go Yanks!

Now for the Individual Honors. Dark Horse in ().

AL MVP- Alex Rodriguez (Grady Sizemore)
NL MVP- David Wright (Chase Utley)

AL Cy Young- Felix Hernandez (Rich Harden and Francisco Liriano)
NL Cy Young- Johan Santana (Carlos Zambrano)

AL ROY- Clay Bucholz (Evan Longoria)
NL ROY- Geovany Soto (Kosuke Fukudome)

Top 5 Fantasy Players: Alex Rodriguez, Hanley Ramirez, David Wright, Manny Ramirez, Grady Sizemore