Tuesday, March 11, 2008

While you were sleeping...

Mini news roundup!

Spitzer linked to prostitution scandal.
Kinda old news by now, since it was ALL over the wire yesterday. The new development is that he's probably going to resign. How embarrassing. Guys, keep it in your pants. Love your wives. If Spitzer does resign, Lt. Gov. David Peterson would become NY's first black governor and the 4th in US history. Oh, and he's also legally blind. Just throwing that out there.

Obama rejects Hillary's offer of VP
Touche. "With all due respect. I won twice as many states as Sen. Clinton. I've won more of the popular vote than Sen. Clinton. I have more delegates than Sen. Clinton. So, I don't know how somebody who's in second place is offering vice presidency to the person who's in first place," he said." LOVE the modesty, Barack!

The Vatican lists more 'thou-shalt-not' sins.
Move over lust, greed, and gluttony, there are some new, bad-ass sins in town. The list includes pollution, drugs, and excessive wealth, among others.

Study: 1 in 4 teens has an STD.
That translates into more than 3 million teens having a STD. Girls, keep it in your pants!! This is like a High School Confidential episode gone horribly awry.

Madonna inducted into the Hall of Fame.
Along with John Mellencamp, Philly soul producers Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, literate songwriter Leonard Cohen, British rockers the Dave Clark Five, and surf instrumentalists the Ventures. Yeah, I don't know the rest of them either.

Britney Spears to guest star on How I Met Your Mother.
I not-so-secretly heart Britney (shut up). I LURVE How I Met Your Mother (CBS, 8PM, Mondays). I am super duper excited.


Julia Park said...

I heard that the introduction JT gave for Madonna was awkward.

JT said...

Spitzer was called Mr. Clean a couple of years ago when he was running for Governor. His term has been a disaster though. I can't believe he has the audacity of not resigning