Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Why I Hate People: Reason #379

I love a good debate like anyone else. If I am passionate about something, I might even throw in my two cents.

The latest thing that has caught my attention is one of those online commenting wars, particularly one from the NBC website, based off of a recent SNL skit that mocks both Democratic presidential candidates. The skit itself is alright .. but it's the comments that really made me analyze the skit.

Many of the comments express that they feel that SNL is either being super-racist (one going as far as to mention "Blackface comedy") or a means of shoving down their so-called pro-Hilary skit down their viewers throats.

Um .. what?

At first, it was funny to see how tunnel-visioned people could be, only seeing what they want to see. But after reading so many comments in the same manner, it really disheartened me.

People need to lighten up and freaking save the drama for your momma.


Jen said...

People don't realize that Lorne Michaels, the exec producer of SNL, is a huge McCain supporter. So, if he of all people can let so-called 'pro-Hillary' skits on-air, than other people should realize that SNL is all about parodying the things that are happening in life. I really don't think anyone can deny that the media has been pretty soft on Obama, and SNL is right to bring that to attention.

Also, as for SNL being 'super-racist' for having Fred Armisen, who is part Venezuelan, part Japanese, portray Obama, maybe it's because he actually does a pretty good imitation of him. SNL doesn't have a hugely diverse cast at the moment (which is really a whole different issue in itself), so they need to work with what they've got. If they got Kenan Thompson to portray Obama just cause he's actually black, people would be upset about that too. At least Armisen sort of looks like Obama.

I've long ago learned to stop reading commentary. It's too depressing to realize how dumb some people can be, and how right they think they really are.

Anonymous said...

ppl actually think that it's pro clinton? yikes. go back to school.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's my #27 for why I hate people!

Your post. So sad, but true.