Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Count your calories!

Contrary to what people might think about me, I don't actually count calories. It's hella depressing, and I don't think it's entirely conducive to a long-term healthy lifestyle goal. I can't say I don't look at caloric information though; I do, just to see what I'm putting in my body.

Starting yesterday, a new law was supposed to go into effect in NYC, requiring all chain restaurants in the city to display caloric information on all food and beverages (on menus and price boards). It's part of a new initiative by the Department of Health on drastically curbing obesity in the next couple of years. The New York State Restaurant Association (NYSRA) is fighting this ruling, with places like McDonald's, BK, KFC, and Domino's not participating as of yet. The NYSRA is expected to appeal to a higher court, but in the meantime, any chain restaurant with more than 15 locations nationwide has 6 weeks to comply before fines are issued. Below is a breakdown of how many calories some of your faves are, and it ain't pretty. It's no wonder why some of these chain restaurants are fighting to keep caloric info off of customers' minds. As a reference point, the Food & Drug Administration's recommended caloric allowance per day is 2,000.

Starbucks - Venti Iced Cafe Mocha: 400 calories
Wendy's - 3/4 pound Triple w/cheese: 980 calories
Taco Bell - Bell Grande Taco Salad w/Ground Beef: 1,450 calories
TGI Friday's - Ribs: 1,910 calories
Outback Steakhouse - Bloomin Onion: 2,310 calories
Pizzeria Uno - Chicago Classic Deep Dish Personal Pizza: 2,310 calories


Julia Park said...

Goodness. Even the picture of the Bloomin Onion makes me want to starve.

Anonymous said...

Oh the days of Freshmen year where I once averaged two Fat Sandwichs a week.

Fat Cat - 1988 Calories.