Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Waking Up

In August of last year, I went to a retreat in Pennsylvania where people mostly ate burgers and were attacked by mosquitoes. Although I'm not one for nature, my only regret was finishing second at the Taboo tournament (I will have my revenge). On that Saturday evening, Eugene Cho, a pastor from Seattle, delivered the sermon. As I was busy writing/doodling something completely unrelated, Eugene spoke of how when he watched TV, he skipped over the child sponsoring commercials until his young son called him out on it and asked him why those kids on TV couldn't eat and why we weren't do anything about it. Who needs coffee to wake you up when truth will do?

On the way back from the retreat, I was inspired to do something. I thought a lot about things we could do. Seven months later, I was thinking about how my fantasy basketball team was doing. Hm, maybe I fell asleep too long.

I don't think sponsoring a child makes you a better person and I definitely don't think it's a "Christian" thing, but I do think it helps. I strongly encourage you all to help too. Help with a friend or a group of friends, make it a social thing, or go at it alone. Here are a couple of sites worth looking at:

World Vision: Sponsor a Child
Christian Children's Fund: Sponsor a Child
ONE: Join the Fight Against AIDS/HIV and Poverty
American Red Cross: Disaster Relief Nationally and Abroad

Also check out Eugene Cho's Blog. A pastor that rants, gotta love it.

As for me...

Hola, Brenda Arely from El Salvador. Hope this helps...


Julia Park said...

Yay; good for you, Jorge! :)

Anonymous said...

Are you sponsoring her?

My friend is sponsoring a Brazilian for the hopes that he will become the next Ronaldo.

ICM (In Christ Ministry) does an event with World Vision every Fall to raise funds and awareness. You all should come check it out this up coming Fall.


Jorge J said...

yes i am Sang. And will try let me know when it is exactly