Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Scrubs Is Officially Moving To ABC!

Scrubs is the one hospital-themed show that I can safely say I enjoy, amongst all those other shows such as ER, House, and Grey's Anatomy. I would gladly take a bit of JD, Turk, Dr. Cox, Janitor, and Dr. Kelso over Dr. McDreamy, any day.

So of course, when I initially heard that Scrubs would be in its final season, a little bit of me started to die inside. But to have the "finale" end as a fairytale last week seemed a bit .. abrupt.

But the rumors about Scrubs switching networks (from NBC to ABC) have been officially confirmed by none other than Zach Braff (via MySpace bulletin):
Many of you have been understandably confused by the Fairy Tale episode of Scrubs serving as the series finale. It was not. I was not allowed to say it until today, but Scrubs will be moving to ABC for its final season. We are currently filming the 8th and final season. The true finale of the show will air on ABC in the fall. NBC merely promoted the Fairy Tale episode as the finale, as it was the last episode they owned.

Hopefully the real "final season" of Scrubs will be just as awesome as the rest.


Anonymous said...

I haven't watched the 7th season yet on the count I was a little disappointed at season 6. Not that it was bad, just was getting tired of where the story was headed with JD. However, I must and will watch everything. It is still my favorite hospital-themed show.


Anonymous said...

Ha! I knew it!

Not really. But yeah, that "series finale" did make you wonder.

What an unusual jump so late in a series run. I wonder if any other show has moved under similar circumstances.