Thursday, May 22, 2008

Top Chef: WTFmate (Spoilers Ahead!)

About a week ago, I wrote a mini-rant about my current guilty pleasure: Top Chef. As I rushed home to catch last night's all new episode, my mind ran wildly with theories as to which chef would be packing up their knives to go home. "Please, oh please," I thought to myself. "If any of the judges has a sense of decency, they will send that talentless waste of blob Lisa home! And Dale will end up as one of the final two!" But unfortunately, like most reality TV shows, all of my hopes and dreams were crushed last night, as Chef Dale was sent a-packin' whilst that stupid dirty pirate hooker who can't cook for *!#$ was saved for yet another week.

First of all, a BIG WTF to these so-called judges. Chef Tom was MIA this week, so instead that stupid jerk from No Reservations (*Anthony Bourdain, who coincidentally always has reminded me of a butt pirate) was the guest judge. I mean, I know it's pretty prejudiced for me to hate the guy without tasting any of his cooking or whatevs, but something about that guy just totally rubs me the wrong way (that's what she said! no time! but she said it!). *Interestingly, when I looked up Anthony Bourdain, turns out he grew up around our neck of the woods - Leonia, NJ.

Even though I wasn't too pleased with the judges' decision, I have to admit, Dale needs to work on his attitude. So I guess deep down inside, I knew his cocky attitude would get the best of him .. but why this week? And why before Lisa and Spike?! Oh, Dale ..

Anyway, Dale ending up taking the cut pretty hard, and his last TH (talking head) showed a more vulnerable man with poofy red eyes, stating that he respected his opposing team for the challenge (Richard, Stephanie, Antonia - aka, the talented bunch who better kick either Lisa or Spike's ass in the coming episodes). Beh, I guess my prediction that the season finale would be a Richard VS. Dale standoff were crushed. Instead, I'm seeing Richard VS. Stephanie. But seriously, wtf are Spike and Lisa still doing on the damn show?? Spike seems like a cool guy, but definitely not Top Chef material.

And Lisa? Puhlease. She's just asking for a punch in the neck, courtesy of me.


Aly Beth said...

I always knew I liked Mr. Anthony Bourdain!! Go Leonia!!!

john said...

yea i was thinking its unlikely a reality tv show would have similar winners back to back seasons. hung and dale are both asian and the most technically gifted chefs of all the contestants.

i still have richard left out of my picks to win. he should def be making to the end. i dont like any of the girls this season. they all suck and/or drama bi7ches. i would love to see more casey (from last season) tho