Wednesday, June 4, 2008

30 Things to do Before You're 30 (part 2)

25. Go on a Road Trip
Get some friends, pack a car, and hit the road. It doesn't really matter where you're going, just that you enjoy the ride there. A road trip can be pretty cheap and full of shady truck stops, flat tires, and sleeping in car adventures!

24. Eat at a Ridiculously Expensive Restaurant
Everyone needs to experience going into a super fancy restaurant and ordering a $300 Kobe steak without batting an eye. Not only will it make you feel like a baller, but you'll be able to get a small taste (no pun intended) of how it feels like to be rich.

If you're feeling particularly daring, visit Japan and try some fugu.

23. Visit Your Home Country
No matter who you are or what color your skin is, (unless you're Native American), you're not from this country. So take some time out to make a pilgrimage back to your home country. You know, go to your roots.

Since I'm a Korean born in Brazil, I have double the trips to go to.

22. Go Bungee Jumping
Bungee jumping is an extreme sport that requires very little effort. It's not like surfing, where you need to learn how to do stuff, or like skydiving where you can... die more. It's a simple leap of faith that gets your adrenaline pumping. It's definitely one of the big things I want to do before I turn 30. Because who knows, after 30, bungee jumping might be too much adrenaline for you to handle.

21. See Your Favorite Artist in Concert
The next time your favorite singer/band/rapper goes on tour, don't miss your chance to see them. Experiencing an artist live is so much more exciting then just listening to them on your ipod. What's more, if the concert is amazing, you'll be able to tell your kids about it when you're older.

For these reasons, I extremely sad that I didn't go see Kanye's Glow in the Dark tour.


Jen Shin said...

Again, I am sorry that I was unable to use my 'pull' at work to get you into the Kanye show. But if it makes you feel any better, I was thinking of you during his performance (when I wasn't thinking about how AWESOME he is). =P

Blog! said...

Road trips are the best thing ever if it's one with great company. My fiancee (YUP, I can say that now) and I drove (stick) from San Francisco to New York last October and it was the best trip of my life, aside from going to Burma - - and those places include Hawaii, Asia, Europe, etc.! Road tripping (a well planned well) is the best experience ever!

sang said...

more so then bunjee jumping, I'd rather go hang gliding, if I wasn't so deathly afraid of heights.