Wednesday, June 18, 2008

30 Things To Do Before You're 30 (part 4)

15. Visit all 50 states.
Call me crazy, but I really want to get this one off of my list. I think it's kind of cool and weird that each state is pretty much their own when it comes to certain laws and culture, so visiting each and every one of the 50 states in the country seems like a really interesting thing to do. And the idea of getting a souvenir from every state would be kind of cool, too. And thanks to summer Fridays and these super cheap buses with free wifi, methinks it is attainable!

14. Move out.
Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I am dying to move out. It sucks trying to be more adult-like in my decisions, choosing to endure living under the same roof as my traditionally-wack Korean parents and less than stellar siblings, but I hope to move out to be on my own before 30. Probably one of my more realistic goals, but really, with the economy being all bad, I know a few people nearing their 30's who are still living with their parents, either by choice or because of no choice.

13. Live in a different state (out of my comfort zone).
Living at home with the parents really makes you think about moving; in my case, it makes me think about moving FAR. But growing up in my little comfort zone of North Jersey, I'd prefer to live in a city, or at least a place close to a city. My top picks are either [obviously] NYC (hey, living near the city and working in the city is TOTALLY different from living there!), San Francisco, .. maybe Seattle? As long as there are more people than cows/wildlife, I should be good to go.

12. Throw a dinner party.
I LOVE Ikea (yeah, very "college-furniture" of me), Pottery Barn, and Restoration Hardware. I secretly plan the day of my escape from the parents (wow, hundredth time I've mentioned it), and secretly designing the perfect place for myself, inside of my head. One of the very first things I'd like to do once I've moved out and settled in my own humble abode is to throw a dinner party for a few of my closest friends. I imagine a beautifully set, candle-lit table with AT LEAST a three-course meal. Le sigh. Soon, Julia, soon ..

11. Meet someone I admire.
J.K. Rowling. Al Gore. Wes Anderson. Tina Fey. I would do ANYTHING to meet one of them. And I hope that sometime before I hit the big 3-0, I can meet at least one of them. I've already got it all planned out: JK will give me advice on how to be a satisfied writer, Al Gore and I will talk about how people born on March 31st are zee awesomest, Wes Anderson and I will talk cinema, and Tina Fey and I will co-write a hit new tv show.


Anonymous said...

oo, those buses are awesome

Yuri Kim said...

maybe you could ask one of the celebrities for money to help you move out.

Vicki said...

i LOVE these lists! I have accomplished 12 so far - switching #30 from Korean to Chinese, since that's more useful for me. My favorite ones by far that you guys have listed are on your list - visit all 50 states, and move out of my comfort zone - something which I have already begun to start preparing to do! I had to leave out bungee jumping b/c after nearly feeling like I was going to die in a plane crash last week, I definitely cancelled my summer plans to go skydiving.

sang said...

One of my "30 Things to do before you're 30" is to attend a dinner party. "Wink"

steve said...

visit 50 states?? me too. lets goooo

Amy said...

Mine is to watch Kaka play in person.