Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Favorite Webcomics

When I was in high school, I would occasionally bring a newspaper to school with me. I know it sounds super nerdy, but truth be told, I never really read the articles. Nope, I just got it for the crosswords. And then, 5 minutes later, after I was stumped, I would read the comics (which is why, to this day, the Bergen Record > New York Times).

Well, I still unsuccessfully do the crosswords, and I still read the comics. But now, I do it online. Webcomics are free, easily accessible, and generally more raunchy than their in-print counterparts. Here is a list of some of my favorite web comics:


This is probably my favorite web comic. Written and drawn by super-cool, super-nerd, Randall Munroe. Comics are sometimes funny, sometimes dramatic, and usually, super nerdy. Regardless, they are all always top-notch. He updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but it's more than worth checking out some of the archives.

Some other good ones: Rock Band, Chess, Electric Skateboard

Penny Arcade
Penny Arcade is arguably the best gaming webcomic around. While a lot of their comics will fly over the heads of people who aren't into games, sometimes they touch on issues that we can all relate to, like the lack of punctuation on forums (kinda NSFW). They also update on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. If you play video games at all, Penny Arcade should be on your favorites list.

Some other good ones: A Novel Technique, Professor Layton and the Perpetual Torment, Welcome to Matrimony Theatre

Perry Bible Fellowship
Perry Bible Fellowship definitely is not for everyone. The comedy is... darker. But if you find a kid wishing his for his grandfather to be alive for one more day, him receiving his wish, except that the grandfather is still buried underground funny, then yeah, you'll like this comic. Unfortunately, writer/artist Nicholas Gurewitch has pretty much stopped writing PBF, but the archives are golden.

Some other good ones: Refridgeron and Magnimus, Billy the Bunny, Sweet Candy Inc.


Julia Park said...

xkcd is awesome .. but I haven't really read Perry Bible Fellowship in a while. I'll have to add that into my bloglines now ;D

Anonymous said...

I want to see some comics by Yuri Kim. I miss Garfield.