Thursday, June 5, 2008

Top Chef: WOW.

Dear Producers of Top Chef,

Congratulations! You've succeeded in crushing my soul yet again. I was so certain that Lisa would finally get sent away to pack her knives .. but then those words were directed to Antonia instead. WTF. I mean, at least come out and admit that Lisa is hanging by a hair due to the angry reaction by Top Chef viewers, 'cause any attention is good attention by tv standards, right??

There are a few things that I've noticed in Top Chef. First off, irony is a vital ingredient to the show. If a contestant is shown in a TH saying how happy they are to be there, they will most definitely get kicked out. Also, if the other chefs are seen criticizing Lisa's many mistakes in menu choice, she will most definitely be in the bottom two .. but MIRACULOUSLY BE SAVED.

I would have to say that after the total kick in the face (seeing Lisa now moving on as one of the Top 3 chefs!), hearing Lisa bitch at Richard and Stephanie for not congratulating her for making it to the Top 3 was a spit in the face. I swear, hearing those words come out of her ugly dirty pirate hooker face really made me realize that the producers are ruthless, and will do anything for ratings. 'Cause holy shit, I was cursing my poor tv out like a mofo.

And yet again, now I am forced to endure another painful week, 'cause I HAVE TO watch the episode when Lisa gets kicked off. I plan to throw an impromptu celebration, cursing the day she was born.

Besides, I really plan on finding out which restaurant she works at so I can personally go and punch her in the effing neck. Seriously, you may have made it to the Top 3, Lisa, but I believe my fists have a fateful meeting with your tree stump-like neck in the near future.


Anonymous said...

last nights episode was horrible. and lisa looks more and more like a man each week. personally i want to see richard take it.

Mike said...

dale was so bad ass. he helped stephanie though it would've been his fault if she got booted too. bring dale back!

sang said...

No one seems to like the pirate. We should all watch top chef together, I want to be there for the champagne.