Thursday, June 5, 2008

Update: My Sassy Girl

2 months ago I wrote about my favorite Korean movie, My Sassy Girl, being remade by Hollywood. I had reservations about the remake, and apparently studio execs also shared my concerns, because they have decided to release it straight to DVD. The movie will be released on DVD on August 26.

Movies being released straight to DVD is a recent Hollywood trend, with more studios following suit with tons of titles every year. It's no longer the case that when a movie is released straight to DVD instead of theaters it's because it sucks. It just that it saves the studios a lot of money when they take that road. But then again, if it was a good movie, the studios would take the chance and pour their money into marketing it... So, yeah, My Sassy Girl is probably pretty bad. But I'm still netflixing it come August!


Anonymous said...

Ooo. That's a shame.

But I'm still watching it as soon as it comes out.

sang said...

Be sure to call me when you get it!