Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You Get an A+ for Effort!

How many times have you taken an exam, only to come across a question that leaves you truly dumbfounded? Your mind draws a blank and you keep going back to what you reviewed before the exam .. but all to no avail. We've all been there, at one point in our educational paths to excellence, but have dealt with the problem from hell in our own unique ways.

Here are some of the best (and worst) attempts at salvaging dignity whilst taking an exam.

Nerdy Depictions

Rather than writing out the most direct, boring answer, why not illustrate? Using a childhood superhero that almost everyone could relate to is a plus, though points may be taken off for pencil smudge marks.

Being Too Cocky

Admit it: you didn't study. Or at least, whatever you studied didn't prepare you for a good number of questions. But whatever, eff the exam, right? You are such a bad ass.

Being Too Emotional/Crazy/Weird

All that studying and loss of sleep has finally caught onto you. All you want is to crawl into your nice, comfy bed and pass out. But wait, you still need to finish up the exam. But it feels like a dream! I know, just write whatever in the blank space. It doesn't matter as long as it makes sense to you, right??

Hoping Your Teacher/Professor Has A Sense of Humor

Guilty as charged. Could be mistook as being too cocky, but sometimes, even the simplest answers can help you slide by (which isn't the case for our poor friend who is used as an example).


yikes said...

wow, the suicidal one is too creepy. i bet that kid got sent to the school counselor

Ginny said...

These can't be real...some of those answers are very...ballsy.

Jessie said...

aha i've seen some of these.. i love find x one.. hahah