Thursday, July 3, 2008

Best Website Idea EVER

Once in a blue moon, I'll stumble across a website/blog that makes me think "OMG" These are the websites that are hilarious and keep me searching through past posts, and keep me coming back for more.

I've found another one.

men who look like zach braff is a hilarious site, featuring our favorite half of Scrubs's most charming couple (JD and Turk, duh!). It is a quite literal site, featuring other actors and celebrities who resemble Zach Braff.
the floppy hair, the close together eyes, the flirty smirk, the bottom-heavy forehead to jowls ratio, the potato shaped head. it's braff face and it's
something a lot of white american men--and even some not-so-white, not-exactly american men--seem to have adopted. here are a few. (menwholooklikezachbraff)

Looking through all of the many photos of men who have "braff face," you'll notice that all the posts were on July 1st. Hm, maybe the idea was short-lived, but for now, we can all look at the braffs and appreciate seemingly a short-lived joke.


Anonymous said...

potato head....never really saw him as having one

sang said...

Haven't seen the new episodes in awhile. They're not as good as the first couple seasons.