Thursday, July 10, 2008

Entertainment Service of the Day: Maghound

One of my favorite entertainment-related things in the world is Netflix. For a small monthly price, you get your choice of DVD(s) when you want them, and you can keep them for however long you want. Since its inception, we've seen other online rental/swapping services (books, videogames, etc), but nothing has piqued my attention like Maghound, set to launch in September. The brainchild of Time Inc, the service will work the same way as Netflix does, but with magazines. For about $5/mo, you get 3 mags, from their collection of 300 titles so far. Of course, you'll pay more if you want more titles per month, but considering one magazine costs around $5 at the newsstands, this is a great deal. I'm excited because I usually buy magazines based on the cover model/feature stories anyway, and so not being locked into a subscription with one title is awesome. And hopefully, this will revive the fast-declining magazine industry, or at least give it a boost. Sign up at Maghound to be notified of when the site and service go live.


sang said...

ah. About time. I prob. won't sign up for it though, don't read alot of magazines. Who knows, maybe I'll start??