Thursday, July 10, 2008

Top College Majors By Salary

One of the more important decisions I've made up until this point of my life was what to major in. Sure, you can go by what you enjoy to do, but shockingly, many people tend to decide on what to major on, depending on the future potential salary to be made from it.

Forbes ranks the top college majors, based on starting salaries. Maybe some of you undecided kids can take a hint from Forbes - but when it comes down to it, think if it's more important to make money (money = happiness?) or if it's important to love what you are doing (loving what you do = good work = promotions/raises).

1. Computer Engineering
2. Economics
3. Electrical Engineering
4. Computer Science
5. Mechanical Engineering
6. Finance
7. Mathematics
8. Civil Engineering
9. Political Science
10. Marketing
11. Accounting
12. History
13. Business Management
14. Communications
15. English
16. Biology
17. Sociology
18. Graphic Design
19. Psychology
20. Criminal Justice

It's odd to note that Pharmacy is not listed as one of the top 20.

As for me, I'm barely in the list with #14 and #15 (double major, baby!). But oddly, the work I do is based off of #10. So it just goes to show, not all majors lead you to the expected.


Anonymous said...

I wish new more about computers. Or maybe the economics of computers.

Yuri Kim said...

woo! go polisci!

sang said...

mine are in the 16 and 19th rank. haha. I think pharm isn't there because it has a pay cap. you start out 100k ish. but you generally don't get too many raises.

steve said...

7! 16!

Howard said...

I heart what I do and I had fun majoring in it: being awesome.