Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Resources for Local Foodies

Speaking of food.. I kind of love it. I love eating and trying new places.

Aside from reading other posts on this blog, I have two ways of finding new places to eat around the Bergen County / New Jersey / New York area.

The first is forums. Chowhound is, like, a foodie's dream website. They have recipes, reviews, and a very comprehensive food forum.

While activity can sometimes be scarce (I started up a few posts and had very little to no feedback), they have a very deep archive with lots of great suggestions. It's actually through Chowhound that I found my favorite Cuban eatery, Casual Habana Cafe.

The other site I check when I'm looking for food is Off the Broiler. Off the Broiler is a blog run by a local guy named Jason Perlow. He writes about technology and food (I know, an odd mix). The great thing about his blog is that he takes pictures of the places he eats at and is very descriptive in his writing. He visited some of my favorite places to go, like Bartolomeo's and Boom Boom Chicken.

So if you're ever in the mood to find a new place to eat, use Chowhound and Off the Broiler to help you discover your new favorite restaurant.


Julia Park said...

Casual Habana Cafe = yums in the tums

sang said...

Hmm I must try this casual Habana Cafe.