Tuesday, July 22, 2008

NY Mag's Cheap Eats 2008

I love NY Mag, especially when they put out their special annual issues- Summer in NYC, Fall Fashion, and my favorite, Cheap Eats. The 2008 edition of Cheap Eats hit the newstands yesterday, and as a (cheap) foodie, I'm pretty excited. I'm really not one to spend tons on food (I honestly would rather spend my money at J.Crew, but that's another story...), so I really appreciate good quality food for decent price. In addition to the usual list of the best of the best cheap foods in the city (everything from burgers to arepas to thai), there's also a little comparison chart on how food prices have risen this year as well as the 10 best things to eat in NYC for $5 or under. July's almost over, folks, meaning summer's already halfway gone. Can't think of a better way to spend 90 degrees plus days than seeking out cheap eats with good company.


Vicki said...

sweet!!! I gotta pick it up today!

William said...

The Cheap Eats issue is such a great excuse for me to go out and try some place new. I already went to try out Nizza (under bistro) last night based on the article.

I can't wait to go to Eldridge street and comparison taste those packs of dumplings for $1.

sang said...

We should have a Halal day. 3 meals 15 dollars. Yumm